3 Remote Learning Tips to Keep Your Kids Engaged

3 Remote Learning Tips to Keep Your Kids Engaged

1. These are not meant to be viral tips that blow your mind but rather some basic advice to save your sanity and help your child have their best chance for success learning at home.

2. I’ve arranged it from ‘Basic Remote Learning Tips’ to ‘Advanced Remote Learning Tips.’

The idea of the first set of remote learning tips is to provide bare minimum guidance for parents who are trying to wrap their heads around this shift to online learning in K-12 public education–more or less a, ‘If nothing else, make sure that you…’ approach. If you can imagine car maintenance tips, while some could be very advanced (e.g., make sure the car’s alignment suits the way the car is used on a daily basis, make sure engine management software is updated to the latest version, etc.) an ‘if nothing else’ approach to such maintenance might be, “Make sure the car doesn’t run out of gas’ and ‘Make sure the engine has oil.’

3. As I alluded to in the introduction, a final underlying assumption here is that a curriculum is already set (whether it’s a public education curriculum from your local school district or an off-the-shelf homeschool curriculum). While some of these tips are universal and apply to any learning-at-home scenario, overall this list wasn’t created for parents helping their children learn to learn or learn what to learn, nor would this post be much help if you’re trying to create your own customized curriculum for your child. Again–these tips are mainly to help parents who are helping their children complete online learning assignments at home.

With that in mind, on to the tips.

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