Student Projects

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  • Sophia, Age 6

    Sophia made a short story for her mom who she considers as her best friend! She enjoys tennis, dancing, swimming, and coding of course

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  • Andres, Age 7

    Meet Andres, a budding game inventor that created Taco Pop - a game where you'll need to use your webcam to eat all Tacos

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  • Zoe, Age 9

    Zoe loves to play Among Us so much that she made a quiz about it! Test your knowledge with her Among Us Trivia Quiz

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  • Gavin, Age 11

    Gavin loves to learn about space and wants to be an astronaut someday. Checkout his Galaxy Wars shooter game!

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  • Alessandro, Age 10

    Alessandro created his own spinoff of the game Fruit Ninja. He loves playing Roblox and Mario Maker and sometimes bakes pizza on his spare time

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  • Jonathan, Age 10

    Jonathan loves space-themed shooter games and cheesy puffs - what more can you ask for with his game CheesyAttack: Milk attack

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  • Jaru Brandares

    Using Python, Jaru created an impressive 'lights out' game

  • Manuel Pe

    Manuel developed an engaging random guessing game using Python

  • Cian Franco Ramos

    Cian developed a password prompt program using Python

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  • Marius

    Marius programmed his robot to perform basic movements using VEXcode

  • Yanna Alcazaren

    Using VEXcode, Yanna and her Cleaning Robot effectively removed trash from the Mangrove Reef.

  • Miguel Beato Ramos

    Miguel executed a successful search and rescue operation using his robot in VEXcode

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  • Jazmine

    Using Adobe Illustrator, Jazmine skillfully crafted an Anime illustration

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  • Sophia Noelle Yap Yacapin

    As a young artist, Sophia crafted an impressive portfolio utilizing the creative capabilities of Canva.

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  • Joaquin

    Joaquin produced a captivating short film using iMovie

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  • Aisha Santiago

    Using Adobe Photoshop, Aisha skillfully created an illustration of her travels

  • Riona

    Using Adobe Illustrator, Riona skillfully crafted an illustration inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa

  • Earnest Lui

    Using Canva, Earnest designed an eye-catching brochure that effectively conveys its message

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